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If you fancy races and destruction and racking other cars and make points for it than Wreckfest is the best! This motorsport game brings you the brutal fun that you like with mad races in which your goal is not only to finish first, but also to destroy the steel of your competitors and bring their rides to total damage.


The insane wheel-to-wheel action keeps you so alive that you can never stop the demolition process in the derby arenas, or feel the adrenaline pump in high traffic streets, respecting no rules and no one else but yourself and your car.


Worship the steel in high customization options and prepare your drive to be the partner of your life, even if you want to start the wrecking game or if you want more power or more speed. Add reinforced bumpers, roll cages, side protectors and much more until you are ready to crash into anyone who comes your way and express your mechanic vibe in choosing filters, camshafts, fuel systems, etc.


Discover amazing rides off all continents and pick the most amazing car that you can imagine with loads of options and a variety that suits you


Customize not only the appearance of your car but also the technically advanced enforcers for damage control on you and inflicting damage on others. Also, you can play around with weight, handling, speed, armor and so much more, until you design it just the way you want it to make you feel as powerful as you are.


Join your friends online in racing in the multiplayer mode, and chase them to destroy their rides and prove to everyone how amazingly talented you are and how you should have been a professional driver in reality and not only in the game.


To make everything even more fun and entertaining, you can choose your ride to be hilarious options as you wouldn’t even dream of – crop harvesters, lawnmowers, school buses, three-wheelers and much more! Have a blast in anything that you desire and ultimately have loads of fun while playing.


The Career mode lets you advance and progress in the world of racing and demolition and become the king/queen of Wreckfest.

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