Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max Edition

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This edition of Trials Fusion includes:

Trials Fusion main game

The Season Pass featuring 6 DLC packs:
– Riders of the Rustlands: Go beyond the edge of the city with the first content pack of Trials Fusion!
– Empire of the Sky: Go even higher with the second content pack for Trials Fusion!
– Welcome to the Abyss: Ride deep below sea level with the third content pack for Trials Fusion!
– Fire in the Deep: Get on your motorbike within the infernal heat below the earth’s surface with the fourth content pack for Trials Fusion!
– Fault One Zero: Ride your bike through the futuristic city of Megalopolis in the fifth content pack of Trials Fusion!
– After The Incident: Investigate the causes of the disaster that devastated Earth and ride through the post-apocalyptic universe of Trials Fusion in the sixth DLC pack « After The Incident »!

The Awesome Level Max DLC including:
– 30 all-new tracks
– Unicorn bike & cat rider
– 5 rider & bike customizations
– Dozens of new Editor objects

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