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Remember Tom Clancy and his incredible quests and try the full game that now includes eight magnificent operators. Choose the one you like the most out of all Year 1 operators, Echo, Caveira, Capitão, Frost, Buck, Valkyrie, Blackbeard, and Hibana. Try this amazing shooter game gets you into the universe of gadgets, firearms and strategic moves to complete your mission. 


Have you been passionate about setting traps and firearms and all that combat has to offer? Well, the way that you use to see all those things have radically changed and now you have to control drones, make tactically smart decisions, and create strategies. The world has changed and so have we, so it is only logical that the combat has new facets to be explored and followed. Find your way of doing things and thinking outside the box in this unique but so familiar Tom Clancy experience.


Each operator has different abilities, capabilities and possible skills you can upgrade, so each story is surely different, depending on your choices and level of gameplay.  Team play is of the essence here, since you have to conduct a bunch of special forces operators and lead them to attack and fight given all the weapons you have at your disposal. Every time you go into defense you have to change your strategy and adapt your moves to fit the enemy’s intentions and capacity.


Go all in and try your best to be the most inspirational leader for your team and transform them into great fighters that can do their tasks on-field and reach the goals they set and also remain human in the harshest moments possible.


In the army world, and now more than ever, the power of deindividualization and comparison to robotic intelligence is ripping the inside uniqueness of each person on the squad. They are all replaceable, they are all the same, and that feeling of having nothing special can rip you off from the inside out and not even catch it coming.


Make use of the latest technology and investigate the enemy, then destroy anything that stands in your way to create new lines of fire and experience first-hand mesmerizing open fire combat.

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