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One of the most terrifying stories from the series of The Dark Pictures is now on for tasting! Join the horror story of five friends who leave on a diving trip on a boat. When a cruel storm unleashes, the narrative changes and turns into something more frightening and o weird.


Then the cinematic story of who lives and who dies starts and you are now responsible for how things unfold and the horror ending of each life. Are you ready to take on the massive quest of making decisions for the life of the five friends? If so, be prepared to get scared and amazed by the story and the mesmerizing graphics that give you a creepy sense of reality unfolded right in front of you.


The feeling of fear is an emotion felt when our brain and body feel that there is danger coming. As fear arises, the whole body prepares either to fight or to fight the danger that has come along. The heart starts to pump more blood, the activity if unimportant organs slow, like digestion, but instead the peripheral circulation enhances the visual acuity as well. The muscles get filled with adrenaline and are ready to be used at maximum capacity and sweating is more abundant, also the respiratory rhythm grows. Everything is prepared now to either fight or run from the face of the danger. Sometimes this feeling of adrenaline running through the veins is sought by people who find pleasure in all described above.


Usually, anxious people feel similar in situations where the danger is out of the question, irrelevant or imagined. For those people, horror stories might be uncomfortable. For people suffering from anxiety in any form, it feels like a specific danger is greater than normal and that things might go out of control and that something very bad is about to happen. Well in The Man of Medan this is quite true, something really bad is about to happen and you should be there to decide what.


But if the adrenaline of fear and horror cinematic games gives you those pleasant chills that make you want to experience more, than The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan is the game for you and it will bring you an amazing storyline with unpredictable quests challenges and encounters.

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