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Passionate about the thrill of fear? Do you enjoy the feeling of never knowing what killing follows? The Dark Pictures Anthology is the perfect multiplayer game that you can find, in a series of stand-alone, branching cinematic horror games.
Like every horror story, everything begins quite ordinary and peaceful, with five friends going on holiday to experience the adrenaline of diving. Of course, things cannot stay on the normality lane, so more sinister and scary stuff begins to happen.
Blood, kills, ghosts and much more awaits you in this horrible journey that you are about to make. The possessed surroundings, the walking dead, the scenes of terror and the creepy landscape will all make you want to enjoy even more of the story and the challenge.
You can experience all the horror along with a friend online, or choose to feel safe and sound in a cozy team of up to five people to join offline.
Imagine that when you watch a horror movie, all the thrill comes through the unexpected moves and scenes that surprise you and take your breath away. Now, with this amazing cinematic horror experience that will make you live the story yourself. Always be “en garde” since all playable characters can either live or die, so decide your fate through the choices you make on the path of the story.
You are now being presented with some moral dilemmas that make you decide whether someone lives or dies in the game so that you can now achieve the power of deciding for others while risking to lose it all.
See the dark side of the world and call the dark ego within yourself in trying to solve what fear has built. Killing and seeing blood are the easiest things you can encounter, and the cinematic effect gives you the input that you need to submerge as a whole in this fascinating world.
What will you choose? To go through all this all by yourself, or to join others, either online or offline. We can advise that the thrill is more intense in single-player mode, but the fun is more noticeable when in multiplayer mode.
Choose to be terrified in the journey of death that awaits you!

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