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The beloved supersonic team and brand-new features await in the most amazingly satisfying racing game ever. If you enjoy speed and power up boosts, then you are in the most suitable place.

Take control of your racing destiny and choose from the tree possible characters and customize them as you desire and as your style dictates. Unlock options, races, and vehicles as you progress and play on your own or in multiplayer mode racing with someone as passionate as yourself. 

 We all know speed can lead to an accident, in just two words, everybody is on the same page with the idea that speed kills. But you can know to forget about that rule and feel the adrenaline pumping while you go with supersonic speed and desire just another power boost. You can choose to play arcade but also other fast-paced racing just for fun. 

 All these amazing racing game features couldn’t have been better represented if you didn’t have the cuteness and fuzziness of the cutest Sonic Hedgehog and the colors and the characters so detailed and delightful. 

 Choose from the variety of characters and meet the entire forest around you, while having nothing to fear since the leaders are just by your side. Face the fears of speed, heights or anything related to this episode that might be the trigger for some of the fears you have when you drive and accelerate towards the speed of light. 

 Team supersonic brings all the famous characters from cartoons everyone loves so much, they bring together the Fox, Super Mario, Spider-Man, Batman and many more to come. Start an amazing ride to see whether your chosen character is the best or not. Just as in the famous videos, the character has a car or vehicle, which usually fits their costume and therefore the combat and you have to finish first and survive the challenges with other competitors,

 The fireworks will begin and the bombs will delight you after this treatment and you can then go to rest feeling complete and grateful that such a valuable lesson has been taught to you today. The daily exercise of gratitude as a feeling and state of mind will bring so many advantages in your life and will make you appreciate the things that are actually important and will give the inner self a source of entertainment.

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