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Pix the Cat is an intense arcade game that will challenge your reflexes and your wits, pitting you against your friends and the world in a race to the highest score!

This is the game’s core! Its neon-disco look & feel will tease your optical taste buds. In a frantic race against the clock, rack up massive points to make the leaderboards! Each move is critical to skyrocket to the top of the ladder. So keep your reflexes razor-sharp and your eyes peeled to find the best way to perform PERFECTS in the levels as they come at you full throttle! Compete against the ghost of your best run, your friends’ best runs or even the devs’ to learn from their routes and gain valuable seconds along with boasting rights! Let alone becoming a Scoreboard Sensei and teach others how to master the game!
Your goal is to rescue forsaken ducklings from nested levels of the infamous GRID of INFINITY. To do so, you will make your way through flashy digital levels, pulsing to a galvanizing groove that won’t fail to make your heart skip a beat! Perfect your skills to SPEED and COMBO UP until you reach the explosive FEVER TIME!

The Nostalgia Mode plays like Snake but with a few twists. Collect the target number of ducklings to win. Make the best use of your environment to perfect each level and DO NOT run into a wall, get stuck inside your tail or collide with a baddie, or it’s Game Over!
An old fashioned je-ne-sais-quoi gives this blast from the past a vibrant vibe. With art that feels dug up from the golden era of black and white, experience an adventure oozing with surprises! Each of the 70 levels offers a new skill challenge and yet another blister under your thumb!

This game mode presents yet another atmosphere. Its mellow puzzles are a breath of microscopic fresh air and a big change of pace. Under the magnifying glass, fire up your brain cells to complete 100 experiments with no time limit. Your results are measured by your number of moves. Keep them minimal while dodging dangers to collect the bonus stamp!

Rule over the Arena by jousting against your friends in this local battle mode hosting up to four PixBots and blow your enemies to smithereens in epic battles.
Collect ammo-eggs to use as missiles, to lay mines or to stun your enemies. Fallen foes will transform into ghosts that pursue survivors tirelessly. If a ghost smashes into a Pixbot, it will steal its life force and blast back into battle with a vengeance. This time, it’s personal…
There are many winning strategies to be crowned Champion! Adapt to your opponents to best them or blow up trying! Each of the 14 Arenas offers a different environment and urges you to change your habits to become the last PixBot standing!
See you soon in the Grid of Infinity!

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