Pinball FX3 – Marvel Pinball: Heavy Hitters

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Do you have what it takes to handle your favorite Marvel Super Heroes? Prepare for exciting pinball action built around Marvel’s most explosive personalities in the Marvel Pinball: Heavy Hitters Pack!

The Heavy Hitters Pack includes “Civil War”, “Venom” and “Deadpool”.

– Captain America and Iron Man decide the fate of heroism in the Marvel Universe, as the dramatic events of Civil War divide alliances and challenge your strategic pinball skills with two completely different sets of game modes.

– Venom forms an unlikely union with his arch enemy Spider-Man to overcome Carnage, Venom’s maniacal offspring.

– Deadpoooool – ’nuff said! What? You want more? Well, it has bangs, booms, a rockin’ soundtrack, and of course Deadpool. Just buy this pack already!

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