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Nioh 2 is an action role-playing video game developed by Team Ninja and published on 13 March 2020 by Koel Tecmo and Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4. Nioh 2 is a challenging game to play, a Souls-like video game, in which players have to spend time to analyze enemies’ actions and master the combat mechanics. The game may be played single-player or multiplayer three-player co-op.
Narratively speaking, most of the events of Nioh 2 take place before the ones of Nioh, but its end chapters take place after. As a result, it is a prequel as much as it is a sequel of the original Nioh game. The game brings to life feudal Japan, with beautiful graphics and many artifacts of that period. The art design and the soundtrack contribute to the feudal Japan atmosphere. The prequel events occur in the 1500s, and the sequel events befall after 1615.
Nioh 2 is great on visuals and offers a superb level design, with secrets hidden everywhere, maze-like caverns, and intelligently placed foes that make life difficult for players. However, Nioh 2 does not have a persistent map, and once the mission is completed, players return to the regional map to take on a new mission.
The main character is Hide, who has a defining trait: he is a half-Yokai. In Japanese folklore, a Yokai is a supernatural being, something like a ghost or a demon. In certain circumstances and just for a very short period of time, Hide will be able to use supernatural powers to defend his enemies, a necessary boost in those near-impossible situations of this difficult and unforgiven video game. To gain access to supernatural abilities, players have to collect “Soul Cores” which have to be deposited in a shrine. Soul Cores may drop defeated Yokai enemies. Besides shrines, other important places are the “Benevolent Graves”, where players may summon help from other players.
The game is big on character customization. The players can customize almost everything. Not only human anatomy but also the Yokai parts, like horns and such. The Yokai part introduces some interesting moments of gameplay, a new layer of combat mechanics, and supernatural character-building traits. The original Nioh had as playable character Willian, the Irish samurai, with his immutable traits. In Nioh 2, players start with a blank slate. The players begin from scratch and design their own characters in depth. This empowering level of customization is unmatched. The depth of the character builder and the very rich skills tree are some of the prominent features of this game title.

The game mechanics are similar to other souls-like games. Players view their characters from an over-the-shoulder perspective, locking the camera onto an enemy or rotating it around. Players may use light or heavy attacks, they can also dodge or block the strikes of their adversaries. There are nine weapon types and players improve on the selected class over the course of the game. In addition, there are Yokai attacks and a super move that gives players the ability to transform into Hide’s spirit guardian.
Nioh 2 is a brutally challenging video game, with a unique design, and deep character customization. It is a game deserving your attention, difficult, but satisfying.

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