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NBA 2K20 takes the basketball simulation to the next level and brings a redefinition of sports game possibilities. The best graphics available, the super-smooth player control and the gameplay as good as possible, NBA lets you experience basketball in any available way.


Customize your team, choose players as you desire, based on your and their experience and train your slam dunks with each one of them as you progress in your career and defeat as many superstar teams as you can.


Also, the NBA comes along with the most connecting and addictive Neighborhood platform, an online playground that lets players come together from all parts of the world and create the future of basketball.


If you are a fan, you know that basketball culture is more than just sport, it is a way of life. If you have dreamt about being an active part of NBA, then you know that basketball is all you can think about, your every move and every jump is rehearsed like a million times until it’s perfect, and every trick has to be done repeatedly in training so you can go ahead and include it in your actual gameplay.


You now have the opportunity to experience and exercise all the abilities that you want, and get all the mental training that you need to step on that court as prepared as you can be and start the real-life training with the advantage of knowing all possible players, all moves available, all you need to do now is practice, practice, and practice.


If you want to experience the professional league or the neighborhood challenge, NBA 2K20 is your only real option, and it fits your expectations at an insane level of vivid gameplay and customization options.

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