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Madden NFL Face of the Franchise: QB1 sets the ground for you to become the icon of the NFL franchise, a place where every step you take counts on the court and outside. Build your squad as you play in the College Football National Championship playoffs and get the opportunity to enter the NFL Draft and have your chance of gaining a unique and individualized campaign with you being the centerpiece.


As soon as you get selected, get to know the Madden’s immersive Scenario Engine that will generate just for you the perfect narrative of the story of yourself with associate events, personalized scenarios, dynamic challenges and this way you get to construct a career as unique as yourself in the NFL. Set your footprint in history and become a renowned player in a full simulation of an NFL career in either playing, coaching or as an owner. As you desire, you can choose to play single-player mode or multiplayer mode with colleagues and friends.


Build your way up to the Super Bowl while competing with thirty-two teams, but also keep the heat on with Pro Bowl and Seasonal Awards. As a bonus, you can always choose players from the past and players from our times to complete the dream team you have always wanted.


Live the fun of building a career in American football and enjoy the thrill of collecting rewards, upgrading your team and feeling the matches for as long as the year lasts, creating the path you desire for your team. For as long as the players are concerned, the superstar customization features changes in emotion, personality, abilities, motion with the ability progression mode that will let you experience everything with the players that you like.


Get to know the on-field trainer and improve the skills as each player as they are on the field using modern tools and systems that help you introduce moves and mechanics as the player advances in the gameplay.

To make it all perfect, the creators have given a wide variety of celebrations possible and you can choose out of over twenty TD or First Down celebrations, to make you have more fun during the most famous plays of the championship.

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