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Explore the remote island, its riches, and dangers while spell and magic surround you. The uncharted fields filled with wild creatures in this RPG game will fill your heart with magic and make you adventurously run around the fantastic world while chasing secrets and friends. As you are on the ride fueled with greed, it is a quest and a question who you choose to befriend and who you choose to betray in your journey of this particular world.


This experience gets you to strategically decide either to deceive, to be a diplomat or to use force depending on the situation and depending on the progression of your character. Play as male or female, customize your character to become the most desired version of yourself or the version that you now need in your life. You can choose as you desire the way you look, your capabilities, skills, spells so the magic is complete. This mysterious world will uncover ancient secrets and will get you to experience all the magical manifestations of a universe never seen before.


The question remains what will you choose for yourself when you have everything you want, exactly as you want it? When you look the way you want, dress as you only dreamt, cast spells freely and have all the abilities that you desire, well. Will you steal, will you deceive? What in this world would make you want to befriend someone when you know they can deceive you as you did with others shortly before?


The answers that you give in this RPG game are quite an opportunity to make you think even deeper about yourself and why you make the choices you make. Is it out of fear? If it is, fear of what? These are only a few of the questions that you can ask yourself if you desire to discover more meaning and more magic in your life and if you want to discover the tendencies that you have when presented with the opportunity to be an opportunist.


Feel free to explore and enjoy the magic of the unknown!

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