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This brand new action and adventure RPG game will transfer you to another fantasy world with the amazing landscapes of a wild island and virgin lands. Discover the remote island so fascinating and magical, filled with creatures, secrets, and riches all unavailable to the human experience. Fields that have never been explored before, wild forests filled with animals and magical spirits.

 The vibe that you get when you discover the unknown secrets that rule this marvelous world will fill your veins with the desire to find out more about the riches that can be found in these remote places.

 The fantasy creatures that populate the island are fascinating and give life and meaning to your adventure. The uncharted places force you to put your mind to work and unravel the mysteries that underlie the beauty.

 You now have to become a forger and write the destiny of this seeping world with your own hands, by becoming friends or betraying the ones that you accompany or encounter.

 The skills that you have to train resembles the real world but are so different on so many levels. Find your diplomacy in interaction with other factions, accept deceptions and use the mighty power that force give you. Just melt yourself and merge with this amazing world, become a part of it and start living through it. Evolve at the same time with this world, be the one who puts their print on its evolution and influence the development and the story that you are now a part of.

 The Role-playing experience of the game drives you into the breathtaking emotion of completing quests and achieving goals anyway that you desire. You can either fight, deceive, steal or use the most wanted diplomacy, but all that you have to focus on is growing your character. You can now transfer your real skills or looks and you can feel free to express yourself through the progression of your character.

 You can choose to be a male or a female, but you can customize the way you look, the way you cast your magic and you can train your abilities.

Unleash your inner power in the world of magic, deception, supernatural and unimaginable creations on the island that has allowed you to feel the mystery and begin this journey.

 Choose to manifest everything that you desire in the island of all possibilities!

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