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In Firewall Zero Hour, live and play a super interesting thriller-like shooter game in which you collaborate to obtain valuable data. You receive directions and rules of the game form an anonymous contract handler that has hired you and you can choose to work in a team to achieve valuable information stored on a laptop that you have to find in different dangerous locations in the world.


The big brother represented by the contractor gives you info and guidelines during each confrontation along the way to make things easier for you but so much harder at other times. You have to collaborate and work in a team to reach your goals that are set by the ‘eye in the sky’ but you will also have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the most amazing weaponry and new features in matches.


● PlayStation4 and PlayStationVR combine the two amazing forces of futuristic approach and solid experience in gaming. The shooter that emerged from this combination is amazing and intense and gives the player ultimately great gaming experience.


● When you choose out of the 12 contractors available, it is more like when you choose your employer in real life. You have some benefits, some perks and then you continue to dance around with his specific variety of equipment, capabilities or armory. Also, in battle, you will fight with certain kinds of weapons.


It is only when you know you are being watched all the time that things get ballistic. The conscious mind always works creepily, so that if you know that someone knows what you are doing, then it is clear that your moves will be more careful but not necessarily more correct. For example, if drivers have only a mirror in the car while they are driving, it feels as though they are being supervised by their consciousness so they tend to break fewer rules when driving compared to what they usually do. This means that Firewall Zero Hour is not only a super captivating shooter with a really good story but also an opportunity to see how your skills in gaming change depending on the contractor you choose.

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