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You want to feel an authentic thrill of not knowing what will happen or what to do? DayZ PS4 & PS5 Game is an online shooter that will amaze you. It is unforgiving and really difficult at the beginning because you do not know which way to go since there are no tips or instructions to show you around. You go into the sandbox with another 60 players that all have the ultimate common goal to survive as much as they can.


The best part is that you do not have the comfort of having a save button when it seems you have achieved enough, you play or you don’t, when you die you start from the beginning because there are no extra lives. No built-in tutorials, no help and no tips and tricks you have to handle it on your own.


Just like in real-life challenges, every wrong step, every decision and all the time wasted can be deadly and projects you right where you started. Nothing is worse than achieving so much and being so close and then losing all once again and starting in the open world again.


You have to hunt for supplies, but so careful that anything can be hidden behind every tree and every rock. If you fail, you will be killed. Nothing ever feels safe and sound no more, and the emotions that you get living this experience so close to reality gives you the creeps, frustration, and fear, and at the same time the fulfillment sensation when you do achieve your goals.


You can either meet hostile enemies but also can have friendly encounters with other survivors, that bring you peace for the moment. The most intense part of the game though is that each intention is important and you have to build an actual living strategy to find resources, shelter and kill your enemies.


DayZ features living meteorological bad conditions that make you squinter and ask yourself why you are doing this and are being so harsh on yourself. Receive your sentence and choose to have a blast in this amazingly engaging shooter.

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