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“Defeat the tyrant King Ogereth!”
Free your allies and lead your armies to invade the Basamu Empire!

More than 30 years ago “Bokosuka Wars” captured the minds of 80’s game enthusiasts across the globe. Now, an official sequel is finally here for Xbox One!

We’ve taken the original style and flair of the original, and added a range of great new features including dynamic stages, a third warring nation, a new character “Hero”, and a 2 player co-op mode. This is the definitive sequel to the original classic!


The time is the Middle Ages. The reigning tyrant of the Basamu Empire, King Ogereth, is plotting to conquer the whole world by invading the surrounding peaceful countries of the Suren Kingdom. With the empire’s superior military strength, the Suren Kingdom is bitter from their near defeat. In the end, news of King Suren’s capture quickly spread around the entire nation, as well as a his nearing public execution. The kingdom’s citizens became saddened knowing their great country and adored king were about to be no more. The commoners took up their farm tools as weapons and voices called for a great uprising. However, because the kingdom enjoyed of such a long period of peace and prosperity, no one in the entire nation had the bravery required to start a fight.

The great King Suren sits imprisoned in a fortress. The white mask passed down from generation to generation stolen. Inside a pitch black and windowless jail cell, somehow a far away sound touches his ears. Is it the voice of his followers? The sound of his death drawing ever closer? No! It’s coming from somewhere in this fragile room! In a trance, the king feels around the stone walls. Surely, others from his kingdom are being held here in this prison! Not just in this fortress, but perhaps other places as well!
Help free them all and gather them together, and take back the kingdom from the invading Basamu Empire.
“Kill the tyrant, Ogereth!”
Look! The sound has been heard, the stone walls are crumbling!
A story passed down through the ages, [The Battle of Bokosuka], is about to begin…


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