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Through the revolutionary and innovative Garotron OS, exclusively commissioned by MEGASOFT, play the ultimate MEGA gaming experience of Bem Feito today!

You’ll be able to visit Reginaldo in his home on the tiny planet B-613. Take charge of the everyday tasks around his home and yard. Fish, cook, water your garden and flowers, harvest fruits, meet and CAPTIVATE many friends alongside Reginaldo.

In B-613 You Can
– Take care of the general chores of a typical home on this tiny – planet.
– Enjoy incredible and unparalleled landscapes of the empty horizon!
– Fish, cook, harvest, water the plants, and much more!
– Keep Reginaldo company!
– Meet and CAPTIVATE many friends!

All of this and a little more you’ll play on the best emulator of today! In Garotron OS, you have available:

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